Sunday, 8 June 2008

Tiffany Poppy in golden colours

It's been two years since I've picked up my glass cutter. Something about this request tempted me though. The chosen design is Tiffany's Poppy design - the 16" version in these golden colours:

The first step was to go shopping for glass. I was very pleased with the colours that I found.

The colours are very close to those in the picture of the Tiffany Lamp - the background glass is a pale gold, (the manufacturer calls it 'laburnum') It's fairly translucent and 'etherial'. It looks quite pale when not lit, but takes on subtle amber tones when lit. The glass for the poppy petals is richer in colour, and a more solid glass, which will make the poppies stand out against the background.

The next big step was to clear, clean, tidy and hoover the workshop. With that done, each of the 300-ish pieces needs to be cut and ground for a perfect fit.